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Even if you're currently working but strive to get the job you deserve at the pay you are worthy of..

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Hello there! My name is Kristin Pelletier

Here is my story When

I lost 2 Jobs within a year.

I lost 2 jobs within 2 years in 2011 & 2012. I was in my late 40’s in an unstable marriage and working in a job that was going nowhere fast! I was living paycheck to paycheck, my home was in foreclosure. My husband and I were going through an IRS audit….and no savings for retirement…..ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

I was certainly in a lot of pain financially, mentally and emotionally at the time. But I knew this was not me. This was not who I was and that I was better than this and deserved more.

Have you ever felt that way? That what you were getting was not enough and that you deserve better? Your work ethic, loyalty to your employers, going above and beyond, your dedication to the job and eagerness to do well in the hope you will be rewarded....eventually....hopefully sooner than later.....then later came and went and you got nothing? You felt under valued, unappreciated and underpaid!

Yes, that was me 10 years ago. But I resolved to make a change. This was life-changing for me – and it’s the same skills, thoughts, and belief system that I want to impart in you through the training and mentoring that Access Computer Training provides; to work hard and smart, to stay focused with enthusiasm to learn new skills, to not be intimidated by a computer anymore, to change your fears to welcomed challenges, to help you envision the possibilities with total conviction that you CAN and to equip you with skills that will set you apart from other job applicants so that you can set more achievable, sustainable goals that will change your life for the better. We at Access Computer Training can be your accountability partner. 200+ students and counting!

See what some of our students said about the training at Access computer training…!

Here's A Few Of My Students That Have is Transformed Their Lives With These

"Recession-Proof" Job Skills...

Amy K.

Meet Amy, one of Access Computer Training's top graduates. After a sudden divorce left her without job skills or prospects, she turned to us for help. Completing our program with ease, Amy gained confidence and experienced significant personal and professional growth.

Now, she has a great job where she is valued and has opportunities for advancement. Amy's story highlights the life-changing impact of learning job skills. If you're struggling to find a job due to a lack of computer skills, give us a call. There's nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Lauren H.

Lauren came to Access Computer Training frustrated by her inability to compete in the job market. Despite her strong work ethic, she was held back by her lack of computer skills. She also wanted to assist her family business but lacked the necessary knowledge.

After contacting us, Lauren received targeted, comprehensive training in the exact applications she needed. Upon graduation, she landed a job with a local bookkeeping company. Now, she not only manages her job effectively but also contributes to her family's business. Lauren's story is a testament to the career confidence that can come from gaining the right skills.

Yolanda R.

Yolanda had been unemployed for over a year when she discovered Access Computer Training. Securing a $15,000 training grant through our referral, she embarked on her journey. However, her progress was hindered when her mother fell ill, forcing her to pause her classes.

Despite this setback, we ensured Yolanda's spot in the program, promising her an open seat upon her return. After facing the passing of her mother, Yolanda came back with determination. Completing the course, she secured a great job where she now excels, receiving awards and accolades.

Yolanda attributes her success to what she learned at ACT, emphasizing Kristen's mentorship for instilling the confidence and professionalism she needed for her workplace.

Sherri Y.

Sherri was feeling stressed and unfulfilled in her job, yearning for a fresh start in a new career. Despite never having any computer training, she bravely decided to step out of her comfort zone.

When her husband asked about her career direction, she expressed a desire to do something she never had the chance to do when she was younger - get computer training. Finding Access Computer Training was a turning point for Sherri, describing it as 'the best thing I have ever done.'

Through the program, she not only gained computer skills but also built lifelong friendships with her teacher and classmates.

ACT Computer Training

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